WebSocket simple implementation for checking javax.interceptor.Interceptors moderator actions

Part of five-cents demo This topic is part of the ‘new-client’ system of the Five-cents demo : The source code is available on GitHub, under /backends/client-brandnew and/framework/utils folder. Before proceeding, you may have a look a the previous article : Producing some REST HATEOAS navigation elements with JAX-RS 2.0 Adding a javax interceptor moderator to simulate timeouts... Continue Reading →

Five-cents demo

Presentation This simple demo aims at setting up a few components to mock a company information system (let's call it five-cents...), and to expose them into the container and orchestration world (Docker, Docker compose, Kubernetes, OpenShift). To make this more fun, we will take benefit of setting up this sandbox to embrace some interesting concepts, with... Continue Reading →

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